Sneaky little boogers

Remember last year, when my friend and sister snuck in for my birthday BBQ…after both of them told me that they couldn’t come. Lying little boogers.

Well, once again they snuck in, without me really knowing what was going on. At least one of them did.

This past Saturday I turned 29. Yippee…

The kids had bowling, then we went to my Dad’s for a late lunch. After, my mom picked up the kids, and we went off to dinner with friends that came into town.

As we got to the restaurant, my hubby just stood there not checking in. I asked him if he wanted me to check in, and he says “We are over there”. And there is Big Sis and my Brother-In-Law. Lying boogers.

As we hug, since I had seen her two hours before at Dads, and I laughed at them tricking me once again, a person walked up and asked a question I can’t even remember. My friend from Lanesboro, another lying booger.

Going to a wedding my butt!

She drove up, and was waiting by the bathrooms for me to sit down.

I was so happy to see her.

After I got done giving them all a hard time for tricking me, we had appetizers, drinks and a lot of laughs.

We went cosmic bowling, where I ran into a friend from long ago, and had a blast. I even beat Hubby the final game!! It was such a great time. We played darts, had cocktails and listened to the band when we were done bowling. My Sister-In-Law and her boyfriend even came by for a drink.

Thank you, for tricking me once again. Thank you for being lying boogers!! I love you!!!

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