Proud Mama

Last week I got the best compliment a mother can ever get.

“Your child was big help to my daughter, she defended her to a mean kid”.

When Boo heard her friend being picked on, she stepped up. She told the other girl (yes it was another little 6 year old) “Don’t talk to my friends like that!”.

This little girl went home, told her mom and I got a phone call with gratitude.

Could I be any prouder?

We have spent the last (almost) 9 years teaching both the kids that everyone is equal, that everyone has feelings and that we treat people, ALL PEOPLE, with respect.

Boo has seen what Hunter has gone through, and takes it to heart when her friends are hurting. And lately, that seems to be a lot more.

Why do kids feel the need to belittle and hurt one another in FIRST GRADE! I don’t get it. When I was in first grade there were groups of kids that weren’t very nice, but it was never “gang up on one kid” type stuff.

I can only hope that Boo and Hunter continue on the road they are on. I hope that my kids keep showing their friends that everyone has the right to be happy at school. I wish this for every child.

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