Want to join?

I have recently started a fight…a fight within myself.

I have major issues when it comes to food and soda. I will drink so much soda, and eat until I want to burst at the seems. Not a healthy choice at all.

So, I joined a group of women bloggers who all have one goal. To be healthy and to loose weight the right way for us. I contribute over at Our BlubHer Overhaul.

This past week, I have been focusing on my soda intake. No matter what I do with the food, if I drink as much soda as I do now it won’t matter. I am so happy to say that I have cut 90% of the soda from my day, I take in so much more water than I have in so very long . It is going to make a huge difference in my day to day activities. Not to mention how often I see the inside of the bathroom lately…

Now, whenever I go anywhere I have water with me. That is something that I never did before. I never drank water unless it was the only option. I didn’t drink juice or even milk. While I still don’t drink milk, my day starts with a huge glass of orange juice.

I am so excited to learn about these fellow women, and hear about their journeys. I love being able to have the support, without the pressure. While our reasons, methods and goals may be different, they are one great wonderful super group of women.

Want to join us? Here are all the details!

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