Hello…remember me?

I have been majorly MIA this week, sorry. For some reason this week has been crazy busy at work and at home. Boo had her first dance class, and parent night at her school. I had tons to do at home, so the blog slipped to the wayside.

But, we did loose one fish yesterday. Kim. Boo is pretty torn up about it, but better today. We told her we would wait and see if Ron is stronger and then go from there. Goldfish let off a toxic waste, so it may be that two fish was to much for the tank.

Tonight I got the full run down on school from Hunter. He loves it so far, even though Math has been giving him a bit of a struggle. He loves his classes, and the teachers are “pretty cool” so far. I swear…pulling teeth would be easier.

Speaking of teeth, still nothing. But, there is a child in her class in the same boat. She goes to the dentist next month, and she swears that if nothing has happened by then she “Will have some serious questions
for the dentist. She is so serious, it cracks me up.

Time to get back to the grind…and since I have a sleeping baby I can’t clean. I just might have to watch Grey’s season 4. Such a heart ache.

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