6 things

I got this meme from my friend Katie.

6 Random things about you. I think I have done this before, but who knows and I can’t find it.

1- I have a major addiction to Peanut Butter. It is one of the few things that I will eat all the time if I am allowed. Hubby actually has to give me limits on it.

2- I must crack the big toe on my right foot before I can fall asleep. It was broken when I was in high school, and ever since it is a strange habit.

3- I still have my girl scout patches and sashes from when I was in Kindergarten to 4th grade. They are all in a zip lock bag in my memory box.

4- I am a slight pack rat when it comes to memories. I don’t want to throw anything out in case I might need it someday.

5- I have been stockpiling chapter books for Boo since she was two. I can see her not wanting to read Pippi Longstocking just because I have had it forever.

6- I can’t wait for the rest of the fall season to start, because every year it starts the week of my birthday. I like to think the networks are telling me Happy Birthday!

I am leaving this wide open, because most of you have done this one recently, so I don’t know if anyone would do it.

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