Little bit of this, Little bit of that

This short week has flown by. Between the breathe catching back pain, the cooler temperatures and school starting, nothing is getting done. We are officially on school mode. We don’t go out during the week except for dance class starting next week.

At Boo’s school program last spring I ran into an old friend from growing up (It’s a small world is playing in my head). I found out today, he lives in the same townhome complex as me, and our kids ride the same bus.

I am seriously in love with my new truck.

We have been working to eat out of our pantry this week, to stretch the budget more and more. We only went to the store once this week, and that alone is a miracle.

Having the RNC in town has been cool to watch, especially at my building. We are one of the hubs for the law enforcement. I sat in the lobby this morning and watched around 40 different officers come into our building. The down side, they have taken over almost half our parking lot. It is a long enough walk as is.

Boo and Hunter are both loving school so far. That is huge for both of them. Listening to their after school stories is a laugh a minute. That is, if you don’t count the pulling teeth I have to do to get Hunter to tell me ANYTHING! Such a boy.

Fall is coming to MN. The leaves are starting to change, and the cool temps are perfect for sleeping. I have slept with the windows open everynight this week, and had the best sleep because of it.

The weekend will be busy, but next week will calm down a bit (I hope).

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