First Day of School!!

Boo was sort of like Nemo this morning “First day of school, first day of school”. I had to remind her to brush her teeth, she was that excited.

Going into 1st grade was a huge deal to Boo. She loved Kindergarten, loved her teacher and the entire school experience. She was nervous for school, but so very excited.

Last week when we had her Open House, she talked her teachers ear off, saw her Kindergarten teacher and talked her ear off too. She even made a stop in the nurses office to say hello. She missed these people. She loves school, and actually hated being away.

Such a strange child at times…

As I waited for 3:15 to roll around, I worried that she wouldn’t be happy in 1st grade. I worried that she would want to go back to Kindergarten.

When my phone rang at work, and I saw what the number was, I held my breathe. She had a great day! A huge sigh of relief.

She loves her teacher “Mom, Mrs. S is really nice. I didn’t get a yellow light all day long”. Once she explain that green is good, yellow is “oops” and red is “oh no” I got it. She even helped a fellow student work to earn back his green light. Rock on little girl!

Hunter had a good day too. He was more like Billy Madison “Back to school, back to school”. He had a good day. Loves his teachers, played games in gym and already forgot to bring stuff home. Such a typical pre-teen. Time to nip that in the bud.

He said he wanted to go back, so that is a huge bonus. This is the first year that he is changing classes for every subject, so we were all a little concerned. He already has the important things memorized, so hopefully smooth sailing from here on out…or as close as possible.

Now, I am off to clean Boo’s backpack and lunch box. Her ice pack exploded in her bag this afternoon. Lovely.

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