The Hair…

There are days, where it is a good thing that Boo is so darn sweet and honest. She doesn’t lie often (if I said never that would be a HUGE LIE), and is polite to everyone she meets. She is willing to play with any child that she comes across, and isn’t to concerned with her appearance (and there are some in her grade).

To concerned…

Now, yesterday I asked you a question. The answers that came in were…well..


Boo has cut her hair.

Nothing majorly dramatic, but enough that she now has…bangs. I detest bangs. With a passion. But hers are starting to grow on me a little…and I do mean a little at this point.

It doesn’t look bad but…

She also has a wing…on the left side of her head. She could almost fly away.
When I asked her why she did it, she wanted bangs. Lordy.

This is not the first time Boo has done this. She did it once when she was three. She cut one of her pig tails, and about half the hair got cut. We had a friend, who is a stylist, come over to make it as even as possible so she wouldn’t look completely crazy for daycare the next day.

This time, she is six. So we had a serious conversation, and took a trip for a hair cut. Before that hair cut (and no I didn’t get any before pictures. ), she had bangs on one side of her forehead, and it took 4 barrettes to keep the wing back. Not cute.

So now, she has full wispy bangs, and a wing on the left side of her head. It still takes two barrettes to hold back the wing, and we can pin back the bangs if I am in the mood.

I am thankful that she only cut some bangs. She could do like I did when I was her age, and look like this

It was the summer after second grade when I hacked off half my hair, and this was the result. My mom loved it, but me not so much.

So all in all, Boo didn’t do to bad, but it was still a minor shock to see the long strands of hair on the bathroom floor.

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