Dancing the night away

This past weekend we had two wedding receptions to attend. One is a friend of Hubby’s. Well, two friends of Hubby’s really. It was a great dinner and wonderful dance afterwards. Both Bride and Groom teach line dancing, and they all are friends from line dancing. It was great to sit and watch them all. It has been so long since I have danced, and they were doing dances I had no clue about.

But it reminded me, as it always does, of what I noticed about my hubby first off.

Man can he dance.

I could sit and watch him all night long. At one point a friend asked me why I had that “stupid silly grin” on my face.

Sorry…watching hubby. He just moved so wonderfully on the dance floor. I even took a couple pictures..

That is Hubby and his friend JT. They have been dancing at bars together forever. JT is the one that introduced us almost 9 years ago.

Those don’t due justice to how wonderful he is, just how much fun he has.

Here is a picture from last summer our friend Jen’s wedding. He went to town that night.

He is just wonderful. I love that he has the dancing ability…as long as he and Hunter don’t bust out this move…

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