Learning in her sleep

Boo is an avid reader. She loves books, and has a ton at all times.

Car rides are filled with reading one book after another. I learned last year to keep books in the car for both kids, since Hunter is a major reader as well.

His reading tests have been off the charts the past couple years, and that makes the reader in me very proud. He has changed his preference of books lately, but that is fine. Just keep reading little man!

Last week Boo had her 1st grade reading test, and she excelled. Her teacher told me to advance her books…a lot. So, off to the book store I will go. Thank goodness we have a book thrift store nearby.

I was telling Brooke about Boo’s reading test, and she was proud too. The teacher in her is always proud of each kids accomplishments. I let her know that Boo loves reading, almost always has a book in her hand, and loves going to the bookstore more than the toy store.

I was telling her how Boo sleeps with books, every night. I kid you not. I don’t know if Brooke even believed me. (don’t look at her mess of a bed. We clear it off every night, and it always looks like this in the morning)

Building her vocabulary by osmosis I guess.
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