Run Run Run

The weekend was busy, depending on how you look at it.

Friday night we fried up (who needs arteries when it comes to fish) the fish Hubby brought home last week. Can I just tell you how wonderful that Walleye was!! I love walleye, but have never had fresh from the lake walleye, at least not that I remember. It was wonderful. My niece even liked it, after she claimed she hated fish and would never eat it.

Saturday was a wonderful card making party at Katie’s. Big sis came along, and she even had a good time. I got to see Katie and Andi, my weekend was complete. The cards were fun, and even a little challenging…well for me since I didn’t really look at the sample first. Smart…I will try to post pictures of the fabulous cards this week.

Yesterday was the Baptism for MJ. It is hard to remember her as her 1 lb 9 oz, especially since she blows everyone away every day. She is our rock star.

This week will be spent getting the last of school stuff, cleaning and maybe…just maybe getting my ears to clear up. I can’t hear a thing, which hubby thinks is hilarious. At least twice a year…it never fails. I swear I am almost 29, not 5.

Have a great week!!

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