Here fishy fishy fishy…

This past weekend, Hubby went out of town to go fishing with “The Guys”. They go at least twice a year, and it is about 5 hours away. Most of the time they don’t have much luck, but not this weekend. There were fish galore.

We now have 8 pounds of walleye in our fridge, and I can’t wait to eat it all up!
But they didn’t just catch Walleye. The caught Northerns and Crappies too.

One of Hubby’s walleye, 23 inches

Hubby’s 12 1/2 inch crappie

Another Walleye – 22 inches

It was a great weekend. One of the guys caught a 32 inch, 8 1/2 pound Northern. That is one large fish!
The weather was much nicer this time around, remember the ice from May… Plus, you can see the redness on Hubby’s face. He swears it doesn’t hurt…
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