So very tired…

Shopping yesterday was…exhausting. And we didn’t even get all the school supplies. How is Wal-Mart out of spiral bound notebooks…I don’t get it.


At first we were going to go to the thrift store, and see where we were after that. My mom asked if we wanted to go to a consignment shop instead, and I am so glad we did. While it is a little bit more than Goodwill, the product can be in better shape. This particular shop only takes name brand, and is in a more upper class community.

We found some great items: two pairs of pants, a long sleeve shirt and two sweatshirts. And one of the sweatshirts, a Gap Product (RED) hoodie. It is lined and nice and fuzzy. Boo didn’t want to take it off…to bad it was 80 outside. lol

Then we headed to the mall…on a Saturday…during Back to School…not the smartest move ever. But, I promised Boo we could go to either Limited Too or Justice, and a promise is a promise…especially to the 6 year old that remembers EVERYTHING.

We stopped into see my friend at Old Navy, and ended up getting things there too. Want to settle a debate between my mom and me? Look at these, and tell me if you think they are more pajama’s or are okay for school. I am not telling you my opinion…I will in a couple days. I would love to see what you think though…

Justice…that place was a ZOO!! The line went all the way to the hall and the store was a mess. I gave them the benefit of the doubt because it is back to school and they were short staffed (I flat out asked it was that bad).

But, Boo tried on 9 pairs of jeans, and we found ONE that fit right, and wouldn’t fall off her if she walked a step. And of course they are the only pair that were not on sale. Thank goodness for 20% coupons!

I wish I could have gotten everything in that store. I love it. They even had track suits…Boo loves her some track suits. Maybe next month. Boo did get the hat she has been asking for, and a new Jonas Brother’s t-shirt.

All in all, we did pretty good. I have to go to Target to get the notebooks and a couple other things for school, but clothes we are good for now. Next month we will pick up some more jeans, and maybe a track suit…

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