When I moved out of my mom’s house, she gave me a box of pictures and other memories. I have never really gone through it, but tonight I couldn’t sleep (again) so I started looking.

There are a ton of pictures. Hopefully next week I will be back on track for Sincerely Fro me to you. I am really trying here. There are pictures from church camp, dance class and cute me as a baby. I didn’t go through each picture, but will with Boo this weekend.

I found the program from the Boys II Men concert that I went to with her long ago, and our dance competition shirt…”Ooh Ahh!” hehe

There are journals (one for 2nd grade…even then I was a boy crazy kid), notes and school pictures. Really, if I hadn’t cut my own hair when I was little I would not have had a awful haircut. My own fault, but WOW.

I found song lyrics, poems (one about a guitar that I have no idea where it came from) and newspaper articles. There are things in this box I haven’t thought of for so long. So, until I get really exhausted we are going to weed on through. It is so fun.

I just read a letter from my junior high best friend, and actually cried. She moved after 8th grade, and that was a hard thing for a 13 year old to deal with.

I spent a couple long weekends up at her new house, and she came down to visit a couple times too. I met some great people up at her house that I wrote for a while, and those letters are here too.

It is so fun to think back to then. To remember the emotions involved. They are great, but also terrify me. It makes me nervous for when Boo gets a little older. The changes in emotions, how quickly and without warning.

I am (hopefully) jumping the gun on that, since she is only going into 1st grade, but it is something every mom thinks about I am sure.

I am off to the box. I will have stories tomorrow I am sure, and maybe some excerpts.

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