And it begins…

The past few weeks I have been in a bloggy funk it seems. I have not had the creative juices flowing at all. I have still gotten some posts up, but nothing like normal.

Nothing exciting has been going on, I just don’t have any real ideas. This week is busy, between getting ready for the garage sale at the in-laws and Hubby going on his summer Man Weekend, there is a lot to do. Pricing, sorting, cleaning and spending the time together as a family. So much, and only three days to get it done.

Because we had a garage sale this spring, we do not have as much. At least we didn’t until the kids tried on all their pants…now we have more. These kids just won’t stop growing…

This weekend while Hubby is at Man Weekend Boo and I will be school shopping and clothes shopping. She doesn’t need much for clothes, but right now has 1 pair of jeans…oops! So we will be going thrift store hopping this weekend, and sneak into Limited Too if we can. Hopefully we will find most of what we need for school clothes in the thrift shops. I shall let you know!

Let’s all hope the week goes smoothly!

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