Only 4 more days!

As July ends, another month begins. We are one month closer to the beginning of school (one month from Saturday) and one week from the start of the Bejing Olympics.

I am a major sports watcher normally, and the Olympics are no exception. I love watching the athletes compete in the sport that is so much a part of their lives. They train year round, some for so many years, to perfect they position they are in.

Many gymnasts start at the age of three, and work very hard to get where they are. Only 9 (three alternates) ladies make the team, and think of how many young girls want to be a part of it. I know I did growing up. Who didn’t watch Kerri Strug do the vault with torn ligaments and not want to be a gymnast.The same goes for the men’s team. While the participation numbers across the country are lower, there are only 9 spots. (three alternates)

Gymnastics is one my favorite sports to watch during the Olympics. I don’t watch the men’s competition as much as the women’s, but they are both exciting to watch.

Another sport I watch, is Softball. Oh how I lurv to watch some softball. Growing up surrounded by the sport, I have an understanding of what these athletes go through. The training, the investment and the love for the sport is amazing. And sadly, this may be the last year Softball and Baseball are in the Olympics. Jennie Finch just spoke before the IOC to have the sports reinstated for the 2016 games. I hope so! I love watching these women play, the are amazing.

I like watching swimming, tennis and beach volleyball. I can’t wait for the games to begin, and I can’t wait to really have Boo watch the games with me.

What do you like to watch during the Olympics?

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