Very exciting!

Today was a very exciting day in our house.

It started out with nothing out of the normal, laying around, watching movies and snuggling up with Boo. I wasn’t feeling the greatest, so I wasn’t up for much. Hubby was off watching NASCAR, so it was Boo and me hanging out.

I promised Boo that after I watched Reign Over Me (such a good movie), we could go outside so she could ride the scooter (she can only ride it if we are outside, not just her brother).

She helmeted up, and off she went. She wiped out once pretty big (note the big band aid…), but got right back on.

After a while, she asked the question…

“Mom can we work on my bike?”

Um…OK. Usually hubby is home for this, since he does it better, and I work the camera better. But sure, let’s have a go. So the first time out, I held on to her seat, and kept reminding her to look up, go straight and don’t stop peddling (Thanks Iowa Mom!!!)

After the first run, she fell, but wanted to try again right away. She got going, and I just let go!!

And away she went!!

So at the end she hits the curb, but look at her go! She is even taking turns and starting on her own.

Rock on Boo!!! I am so proud of you.

Now she wants to go back outside….I have created a monster!

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