I would love for you to meet…

For the past few months or so, I have been sitting on a new blog for you to enjoy. For many reasons, the author was not quite ready for me to make her public.

But now…

She is ready!!

Allow me to introduce Leopard Spots!

She is one of my bestest friends, and has been since high school. We used to carpool during our senior year, and relived that carpooling to our reunion.

Leopard is a retail supervisor, and at one of my favorite stores. She works a lot, runs, rides her bike and spends a ton of time by her pool. She loves movies, books that make you think and Kathy Griffin.

Leopard has two beautiful girls, Cub and Kitten. Cub is going into Kindergarten this fall in a Spanish Immersion program. Kitten is 2, and loves the Zoo. She even single handily shut down our local Zoo’s dolphin show. Don’t ask…just read. I laughed out loud hearing about the story over the phone, the text message just didn’t do it justice.

Leopard takes great pictures (helps she was a media arts kid at school), and publishes those with great abandon. She even has a link of pictures from the last time we went to the Corn Maze. Next weekend we will be having a mini-photo shoot with all the kids together and apart. I love her pictures!

So please, head on over to Leopard Spots and welcome her to the bloggy world! You won’t be sorry!! Oh, and follow her on Twitter!!

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