Are you?

Want to know a secret?

I am a crier.

Not as much a sad crier (though I do that as well).

I am a angry crier (it makes important conversations interesting)

And a movie/tv/commercial crier.

The Hallmark commercials…I cry almost every time (the one with the older man learning to read did me in).

That Foldgers commercial…oh yeah I am gone.

But movies and TV shows are the worst. I cried when Meredith fell in the water on Grey’s, when Trevor came home on Army Wives and even when Ross and Rachel broke up.

I am a crier.

So today, I am reading Iowa Geek, and she had a crying hangover (those are the worst!). She watched P.S. I Love You, and said it was a crying movie. I want to see it, and have it in queue on Netflix. But I don’t think it will be one Hubby will watch with me. He doesn’t like things that make me cry…ever.

The worst part…when I cry at award shows. When people win things, I am a mess. The speeches do me in every single time. Hubby and I don’t want the ACM’s together anymore, ever since I cried when Kenny Chesney first won Entertainer of the Year.

Another bad thing…Boo is now a crier too. She has cried at shows…and I am not proud that she has taken this trait from me. Hopefully she won’t be as bad, but you can never tell.

What trips your faucet? Movies…tv…or something different all together. I want to see if I am the only strange one out here.

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