We Rock

Sunday, between checking on Hubby and making dinner, Boo and I watched Camp Rock…again (can we say addicted much). Plus, they had a ton of behind the scene stuff, and that is always cool to see.

She now knows all the songs, and some of the dialogue. She can tell you why she likes one person (Caitlyn) and not another (Tess).

Now, this is one movie that I am completely okay with Boo watching over and over. The message is great, and the story is clean (always important when your 6 year old likes to mimic).

I downloaded the soundtrack from iTunes for her, and added it to the car mp3 player. She can’t wait for the DVD to come out (August 19th), and is even offering to pay for half.

During commercials, I would change it over to Picture This, with Ashley Tisdale, because they were having clips from HSM 3. Want to hear a 6 year old squeal? It is hilarious! She even climbed up and wrote the date the movie comes out on the calendar. A little excited I think.

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