Ask…here are your answers Part 1

I am going to answer the questions in stages. That just seems easier. The winner will be announced later today.

The first set of questions are all tied with my 10 year high school reunion.

Katie asked a question

“What is the one thing you regret doing during your high school years?”

There are few things I regret, as they all led me to where I am now. I wish I had paid more attention. My grades were not that great, and that was always a bone of contention at home. If I had paid more attention before changing schools, it wouldn’t have been such a hard transition. I also wish I had spent more time with my family. We were all so busy, it wasn’t until we were all grown and graduated that we had family dinners.

pjmomof3boys said… Okay, knowing that your 10-year reunion is this weekend (not that I’m bitter that my 20 YEAR is coming up in a mere 2 years), who surprised you the most at your reunion and why? (The “why” is probably the more important question since I’m betting I don’t know the person! 🙂

I don’t think any one person surprised me, just the group as a whole. There were people that didn’t change AT ALL, and then some that changed a ton. There were a lot of the women that are now mom’s, and most of the guys are still single. The amount of people that hadn’t changed surprised me the most I think. Being an Art High School, the collection of people was always so diverse, and we still were. It was great to see, but still a little shocking. I can’t wait to see if we have an all school next year, that will be interesting for sure.

Kelley asked…What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a teacher, or a writer. I would make my brother sit down and learn stuff when we were little. I loved to write too, so they tied together nicely. But then I realized I would have to do homework…and that wasn’t any fun at all.

Stay tuned to part 2!!

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