Worms, turtles and more

This past weekend was spent reading, laying around, playing Cornhole (bean bags) and just plain being lazy.

Boo chased bugs, Hunter chased Boo and they both played with their friends. We had three extra kids this weekend, and such a blast it was. Mr. Z came along, and it was a chance for him and Hunter to show that they can have these kind of times. Miss. H was there with her parents, our wonderful friends.

There also was Mr. M, the cutest 4 month old boy ever! Yes, I said ever…well so far at least. I love his laugh, his conversations and even his screams. Major baby fix this weekend.

Remember the tip we learned about grasshoppers Memorial weekend? We two more important lessons this weekend. Inch Worms also leak lovely stuff when scared, and Horned Beetles shot out nasty stuff when they are pissed off.

Oh! And Hubby and our friend saved a turtle from being ran over (I thought of you Mrs. Schmitty!!) He had freaky long nails, so the kids weren’t allowed to touch him (salmonella or not, I would have let them touch him then wash their hands) but they all wanted their picture taken with him.

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