Get the candy!!!

Friday we went to a small town parade, that is always better than the larger parades. The kids get more attention from the people walking, more candy (always a must) and we just have a blast period. Besides, where else do you have pre-teens riding mini motorcycles.

This year, the weather was great. It was hot, but not to awful. But, there are always a ton of floats that have water guns, plus the fire trucks spigots. Oh the kids were soaked!

Hunter was forced to ride home in soaking wet shorts and shirt. He wouldn’t hide from it, he would run towards the water. He had such a blast.
Mr. Z was almost as wet, but would hide towards the end. Boo and Miss. H were mostly dry, they didn’t want to get wet. Even Mr. M got a little wet, and he was not happy about it at all.

By the end of the parade, we had 4 wet kids, 4 bags of candy and one sleepy baby. It was great.

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