Spending the weekend at the cabin is always a blast. But to Boo, it is pure heaven. There are bugs…bugs and more bugs. The first thing on her Christmas list this past year…a bug vacuum. And the squeals that ensued were wonderful to hear.

This weekend she was, like always, on the hunt. It was to early for a lot of grasshoppers, but the butterflies were just coming out and she caught a few. She had inch worms, caterpillars and strange black flying things.

At one point, there was a spider in the house. Someone (they shall remain nameless…) yelled for someone to come kill it. Who went running? Not me, I was laughing to hard, but Boo did. She did kill that one, but saved another one.

Later, someone (different this time, but still will remain nameless) freaked about a bug, and Boo was there to save it. She put it right into her bug habitat.

This week, Boo is at camp. There are major bug activities planned at camp all week long. Tomorrow, they are spending hours and hours learning about water bugs, drawing them and writing about them. I can’t wait to hear how her day went. She isn’t going to be able to contain herself.

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