I am sitting here trying to figure out what in the world to write about.

Do I talk about the strange questions Boo has been asking me? Or about how I somehow got sweet talked into getting her a Camp Rock t-shirt the day after she saw it the first time (big SUCKER sign on my head

How about the fact that Hunter is bringing a friend to the cabin for the VERY FIRST TIME this weekend (that is major for us)? Or about how he is having the best summer outside everyday?

I have NO CLUE!! I am having blogging brain issues.

The lists for this weekend and next week are coming out of my ears and warping what I want to write into slop.

Yes, slop.

I am not proud, but I must pawn a picture of Boo with her baseball medal and certificate.

That is what I have today.

And maybe tomorrow…

And isn’t she cute!!

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