Ask me a question, I’ll tell you no lie!

I have wanted to do this for some time, but have waited until I knew the weekend would have little time for blogging.

With my reunion tonight, and spending time with family and friends this weekend there will not be much open time.

At least not unless I stay up until 3 am.

Not going to happen people! I don’t think so!

Where am I going with this? I am going to follow in some wonderful footsteps (here and here), and give you all (yes even you lurkers…I can see you!!!) a chance to ask me anything. Well, within reason of course. I am not a shy person, so ask away!

Now, along with this, a little contest! Woohoo!!!

I love reading some of the questions that people have asked other people, but the random ones always make a person think.

So, every person that leaves a comment/question will be entered into a drawing for a $15 gift card, to anywhere I get order them online! iTunes, Target and the list goes on! I will leave it open until the 7th, and announce the winner that week.

The rules…yes there must always be rules!

  • Only one comment will count per person. Doubles will only be counted as one.
  • United States and Canada residents only, sorry no international winners.
  • You do not have to be a blogger, but I have to have a way to get a hold of you, so leave an e-mail address!
  • Big Sister is excluding from winning!! Sorry dear, but not so much.

So, ask away and give me lots to think about after this weekend! Have fun and good luck!

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