Sincerely Fro Me to You – Gala

Time for another edition of Sincerely Fro me to You, hosted by We are THAT Family.

This week, in honor of my high school reunion, we are going to look back at Gala my senior year. We didn’t have prom…it was called Gala. No clue why, it just was.

My friend Brooke and I decided to go stag to Gala senior year. We had gotten so close, and at our school dates were more abnormal that normal. Brooke to my house early evening, and we took pictures…of course. (Like the lovely sky line my brother painted in the background…)

I had borrowed a fabulous dress from another friend, and had done my short hair in wonderful curls. I got my nails done, my toes done and took great care getting ready.

We went and had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays where I worked, and got to show off our attire. One of my co-workers was leaving, and so I took some fun pictures with him, since I wouldn’t work with him again before he left (and he loved it!). After a wonderful dinner, off we went to Gala!

We spent the night dancing, laughing and having the best time. Afterwards we went to Brooke’s with Josh, Lily and Nick. We laughed until the wee hours of the morning, and didn’t get up until almost noon the next day.

Thank you Brooke for the best Gala EVER!!!

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