This past weekend, while Boo was able to attend a birthday party, I got to spend time with one of the most wonderful people ever!! She has been through so much, and is so strong for her girls.

Her girls were playing in the pool, and we sat and caught up. It had been over a month since we had seen each other (WAY to long since we live only 15 minutes apart). We graduated high school together, and our 10 year reunion is coming up this Friday. We chatted about who we will see, who will be missing and how we felt about it all.

I know, I am young. 10 years…that is nothing. But it seems so long ago that I was in high school. I look at high school kids, and they look like kids. I don’t think I ever looked that young…

The point of all this?? No, not just some random thinking. There is a point…I promise.

I went to a school for the Arts. Dance, Music, Theater, Media and Literary arts were the focus. I danced 5 days a week for at least 2 hours a day, plus I took class at night three times a week for 90 minutes (talk about being shape!!). It was wonderful. I met some of the most wonderful people, and such a diverse group of people too. I still talk to a few people, but not many. When we graduated we scattered.

There were so many wonderful things that happened during high school. I met Brooke. I re-met above friend, and formed a bond that has been tested so many times in so many ways (Thelma and Louise ride again!!). I met some of the smartest people, who are still out learning all that they can, getting Master degrees and a PhD. I met people that are still expressing themselves through their art, and do so every day.

I danced more, and learned more about art than I ever thought would be possible. I was taught by some amazing teachers (this video sort of shows some of the things I learned, and male was one of my teachers), who would have thought bowling would be considered so Zen.

I also found myself. I learned that I was strong enough to get over my first truly broken heart, how to heal and how to express myself in ways you only learn from friends. I walked into that school as a young women in love, and walked out a better person for the broken heart.

I found I was strong enough to choreograph my own dance piece, and dance through the tears that came with it. I was strong enough to dance through a majorly sprained ankle, and perform the needed shows. I was strong enough with myself that I could participate in contact modern improve, and do it beautifully. I was strong enough to try new things, meet new people and be open.

(I am the one in front)
I learned the true meaning of Dedication. Every fall, the school would have a ceremony called Dedication. It is when the new Juniors and new Seniors would dedicate themselves to their art, and their time at the school. It was a big party, and everyone dresses up in their finest (no, there are no pictures of that…it was not a pretty outfit). We were all given pendents, mine hangs at work. It reminds me that I can do anything, no matter how scary it can be.

High School was a great, wonderful, awful scary and fabulous time. I can’t wait to spend time with old friends, and reminding us all of what we achieved in the two years we were there.

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