Friday night Hubby and I took the kids camping for the first time this year. We picked up one of the cousins, and headed out to the local camp ground. It is nice having one very local, where we can go on a whim.

After getting the camper all set up, we started the fire to make dinner. The kids played with the kids from the neighboring campsite, and chased each other around. Hubby’s sister, mom and dad came out for dinner, and left around 10 or so.
The kids settled in for a movie, and Cousin fell asleep. I had to wake her up to use the bathroom, and then they all crashed for the night.

Hubby and I stayed up with the fire for a little while. It was a great time for us to chat and catch up from the crazy week.
The next morning the kids woke up, had donuts and played while Hubby slept a little longer. We took the kids fishing and each of them caught a fish, and Cousin caught a little Walleye.

Such a great night of camping. We don’t get out enough, but when we do it is always a blast.

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