Sincerely Fro Me To You – Hubby

With Father’s Day this weekend, I wanted to do a post or two about Hubby. He is such a wonderful dad, and I don’t talk about him nearly enough. He has the patience of a saint and can get down and play Legos with Boo, or games with Hunter. He loves those kids, and that makes me love him more and more. He will run around the playground like a little kid, play catch until the sun goes down and drag me out camping because the kids want to go.

Here is a picture from a park in 2004. He and Boo jumped from one thing to another all afternoon. She is such a Daddy’s girl!

He is also a wonderful husband. Who else would sit through a boring enthralling awards banquet when he doesn’t know many people. He puts up with me and my crazy quirky habits. He turns into my Drill Sergeant when I need it, and gives me extra love when I have had a rough day.

Here were are at the Awards Banquet in 2006


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