Sincerely Fro Me to you – TGI Fridays

It is time for another edition of Sincerely Fro Me to You hosted by We are THAT Family.

Today we are going back 8 years, to my time at TGI Friday’s.

I spent almost three years working at TGI Fridays, and it was a blast from day one. The atmosphere, and people and the events made it a great place to work when I was 19. I started as a door hostess, became the lead hostess, then a closing server. A closing server is the one that starts and ends each shift, and makes the best money. Even after I stopped working there, I had great friends, and some even came to our wedding.

I loved getting ready for work, even putting on my flare…and yes we did have a minimum amount you had to wear. I had buttons from past sports and dance classes, sport teams, drinks and key chains. It was a blast. I would wear skirts with funky tights, and baseball caps or bandannas.

This picture was taken the day of the first pre-season game for the Minnesota Vikings. I was the Viking Angel (hence the wings).

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