You can’t stop the beat!!

Boo loves movies..especially ones where they sing and dance. She loves soundtracks, and learns all the words. She was enthralled when I forced allowed my kids to listen to Les Miserables in the car a couple weeks ago. She defiantly got that from me, since Hubby hates musicals.

Her latest love is the new Hairspray. I love the old Hairspray and the new, but I must admit that the new is wonderfully cheesey. In Boo’s mind it doesn’t hurt that he is in it…

The dancing is fabulous, the singing wonderful, and it is definitely a 10 on the cheese factor. It is rated PG, so I don’t have to worry about the kids watching it (there is one swear word that I can think of, but Boo tunes it out so well). Hunter is not a fan as much as Boo, but he will sit and watch it with her.

The soundtrack is great, and even has Ricki Lake singing on a song (she has a cameo in the movie).

This is one that I recommend for the music lover in your house!!

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