We had a great day

Even with the snow today, we had plans. There were some MAJOR garage sales today, and we were going to be there. We bundled up the kids, and off we went with Big Sis and my mother in law. We are die hard (Or as my mom says, Crazy).

Every spring, the kids try on their summer and fall clothes, to give me an idea of what they need. Boo was pretty set, but Hunter needed a great deal. PJ’s, long sleeve shirts and wind pants were on the list. We found those, and so much more for him. While there weren’t a lot of long sleeve shirts, he got plenty of pj’s and wind pants. He is good for the time being.

I am also ALWAYS on the hunt for vintage/new tupperware. I love the brand, and but can’t pay the full price. Garage sales are the best places to find it. I got two Tupperware Rounds for $4!! Such a deal. I did a happy dance…

But, the find of the day made us all very happy. We have been on the hunt for a great entertainment center for over a year. We had looked in the stores, but didn’t find one that we all liked in our price range. We today we found it! Hubby was so excited, and so I was I. Good thing I didn’t talk him into taking the car today…instead we had the truck and tied it in. Guess how much we paid for it??

$30!! Just $30!! I was so proud! It took some work to get everything switched over, but the hubby did it on the first try. It is in great shape, one ding on the bottom, and normal scuff from moving the TV around. I love it!

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