It is Finally Here!

Spring is finally here. We have had some great weather the past few days, including a fabulous thunder storm. Boo has been spending a great deal of time outside, and has the bruises to prove it.

With Spring, comes the digging out of the summer clothes. Boo tried on all of her summer clothes on Sunday, and the “fit” and “not fit” piles were pretty equal. We have rules for clothes…especially in the summer time.

  1. If you bend over and cheeks show…to small
  2. If you raise your arms and the tummy shows…to small (this is a year round rule)
  3. All denim/khaki skirts must have shorts, unless they are knee length. (6 year olds don’t always remember to “keep em closed”)
  4. Sandles and flip flops are not worn to school (to loud in the hall, and they make runing hard on the playground)
  5. If it is holey or worn out, it becomes cabin clothes. These are a stack of clothes that come out only for the cabin. I could care less if they are covered in mud, dirt and bug spray. These also are great for working outside and camping.

I don’t think these are unreasonable, do you? Kids are so much more grown up these days, and they don’t need to be. This is my way of making Boo slow down and enjoy being a kids…one step at a time.

What are your rules for clothes?

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