WFMW – recipes

Time for another edition of Works for Me Wednesday hosted by Rocks in My Dryer.

This week, I thought I would talk about recipes…ugg!

I am not one to cook, or I wasn’t until this year. I didn’t really cook, hated doing it and dreaded when Hubby was out of town. I wasn’t good at it, and afraid to take risks.

That all changed this past fall. With Boo starting Kindergarten I wanted to make sure we had healthy choices for lunches. More fresh fruit, veggies and snacks. I wanted to have good dinners at night, not that we never did before, but Hubby cooked.

You may think I am exaggerating, but I had no idea how to boil an egg…AN EGG! I had to call my mom every time I wanted to make egg salad sandwiches. Not good.

So, this fall I dug in. I brought out the cookbooks that have been buried in my cupboard and started cooking.

The only problem, all these cookbooks are WAY over my head. Braise?? Rue?? What in the world am I getting into.

So what did I do?? What any blogger would do, turned to the Internet.

I love having this resource. I go to Betty Crocker, Kraft and Pillsbury daily. They have simple recipes, easy instructions and pictures. Pictures are key! I must know what the food is supposed to look at.

But, aside for those sites there are a slew of blogs out there that post recipes on their sites. Queen B, Fab Food Fridays, Leah’s Recipe Exchange, Fried Okra and oh so many more. These fabulous blogs have had some of the greatest recipes! And so easy!

I still have no idea what braising is, or what a Rue is. But, I can now make chicken and dumplings on the stove, Taco Bowls and breaded chicken. It gets better every time, and I am not afraid to try new things. I am going to make Chicken Tetrazzini this weekend, wish me luck!

Head on over to Rocks in My Dryer for more Works for Me Wednesday tips!!

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