Hi My Name is….

I have a new addiction…one that I NEVER thought I would have.

One that I never got before this year, when Hubby did a Fantasy league.

I have become addicted…


I am still leaning why there can be up to 4 races in a week, and why there are so many flags! Drafting is still somewhat foreign to me, even after watching Myth Busters (It seems different than with a big rig…). There are many different teams, many different drivers and so many different cars. I am slowly learning the drivers by their numbers, and the teams by the drivers. Hendrick = Earnhardt Jr, Childress Racing = Harvick. So many things to learn.

But, I am seeing the addiction, and getting sucked in every week. This week they are at the Texas Motor Speedway, and the race is great.

It doesn’t hurt that their are some good looking drivers

I am just a bit jealous of Queen B, as she is sitting in Dallas as we speak. But, I can’t wait to hear all her first hand accounts of the race.

I must go now, the race is back from commercial!

Oh, and NASCAR is so a sport. I couldn’t hold it for 500 laps…could you?

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