Scrapbooking with Boo

Last week Boo had a learning fair at school. The younger kids do craft or learning projects, while the older kids participate in a science fair. There were some great projects in both levels.

Boo wanted to make a scrapbook. She begged and begged when the sign up sheet came home. She loves making little ones that are for family, and herself. I caved…like always. So for the past month we have been going through pictures, paper and stickers. She made the best scrapbook!

She did it all herself. I know that some parents helped their kids with the project, but not here. Boo would kick me out of the kitchen once she had the stickers, paper, punches and markers. She is so proud of herself, and we are of her.

My favorite part is her spelling. That Kindergarten literal spelling. If you look at the fish picture you see what I mean “Wen I kot a fish”. (Do you remember when she kot this fish?)

Speaking of scrap booking! Iowa Geek is having her monthly scrap-bribing. I love Iowa Geek, and look forward to her scrap-bribing every month. Head on over and sign up. Don’t forget to tell her I sent you!!
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