And how are you???

It’s late and I should be in bed…but after the nastiness that floated around today I needed a moment…

Oh my…

Boo has had the same cold for over a month. She will go three or four days just fine, then it will hit again. Ears, nose and cough. We have made two trips to the doctor to make sure there wasn’t an ear infection, and there wasn’t. Just pressure from all the coughing and nose nastiness going on. Poor thing has some major pain going on. Going down big hills…not fun when there is ear pressure. My poor baby.

Hunter is one of those kids that doesn’t get sick, maybe once a year. He had a nasty stomach thing this fall, so we thought we were past it for the year. No such luck. He informed me yesterday that he has had a cold for a while, almost two weeks (about the time he went home last…I blame Boo…). He has been around people with colds and eye goopies, but no pink eye. What does he now have…at my house…PINK EYE!! After a call to the clinic, meds were on the way.

Now Boo has had conjunctivitis many MANY times. She is a magnet for it (yes I know I she will get it this time), but she has never had the neon glow in the dark bright red eyes that go along with it. But oh how Hunter’s eye glows. The poor guy. We had some over the counter drops that helped with the itching, but he has the reddest eye ever! I feel so bad for him. But, the meds will kick in quick, and that will help a ton.

Now, tomorrow will be a day of hot water washing all Hunter’s sheets and clothes, bleaching doorknobs and handles. And, I just remembered he put away the dishes this morning…crap…

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