The music

music noteDo you ever wonder what songs have left a meaning in your life? What music did you listen to at a certain time? What memories come to light when you hear a song?

When I hear certain songs, waves of emotions come flying back.

When I hear “Centerfield” by John Fogerty it brings me back to playing softball as a kid. I remember getting my first strike out, being with my Dad and spending the time with friends. I remember the broken nose, the broken thumb and getting hit in the gut by a line drive. I remember my first medal, trophy and all the good times that came along with it.

When I hear Regulate, I always always think of Big Sis. To this day we can sing all the words, from start to finish. The same with “Sisters” from White Christmas. My sister is my best friend, and those songs bring her to the front of my mind.

When I hear “You Were Meant for Me” by Jewell always brings me back to my high school. It was an Arts school, and we would sit in the common area (The Pit) and sing this with Alan on the guitar. Those are the memories from school that I take with me.

Most importantly, when I hear “Look At You Girl” by Chris LeDoux, I think of my husband. We danced to this song so many times when we were dating, and at our wedding. I also think of our friend Bob, who passed last year. He loved Chris LeDoux, and drove all over the country to see him in concert.

There are so many other songs and meanings. Some songs just make that impact.

What music has touched your life?

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