It’s a Blog Party in Minnesota!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008
It’s a blog party!

Welcome to the Fritzfacts! I am Kellyn, Mommy, writer, supporter and wife all in one! I am the mom to two great kids, Hunter, who is 11 and Boo who is six. I have been married for 6 years to Hubby, the greatest man to ever live. We live in the coldness (and snowless) tundry of Minnesota, working the day away so we can spend as much time with the kids as we can.

Take a look around, laugh with us, and shake your head with us as well. Sometimes the kids do nutso things.

Don’t forget to treak on back to 5 Minutes for Mom to take a look at all the great mom blogs out there!!

If you haven’t don’t your blog party post, don’t forget there are great prizes involved if you do! I just spent over an hour touring around the prize page, and can’t believe some of the great things being given away! There is a Blog Makeover by See My Designs, and one by Sweet ‘n Simple Designs too! My blog could always use a makeover! Not only that, but there are some of the great Living the Dream T-shirts for moms, I love this one! And who wouldn’t love a $20 giftcard to from The Organized Knitting Club! And I must say that I do love prizes number 44, number 20 (50 gift certificate to Paperlicious), number 7 (Bead Dangle Photo Tile Necklace), 44 (Jump Start World 1st Grade)and number 9 ($20 gift certificate to FeeFiFoto).

Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom, and see what is happening! Take a look at some of the great blogs like An Iowa Mom!

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