I read Iowa Geek daily, she is one of my favorites (it helps that she lived in MN for a time). Her stories and ideas make me think, laugh and grumble all at the same time.

Once a month she holds a scrap-bribe on her blog. I have been entering for about three months, and in February I won! Oh the goodies that came in my box from Iowa!

First, let us take a moment to look at the Janine King Market tote! How fabulous is this!

See that note pad at the bottom? She made that herself! I am bringing it to work so maybe there won’t be post-its all over my desk.

There are paints, stencils and rub-ons. I love love LOVE rub-ons! Plus there is some ribbon, and I am starting to work with ribbon more.

Thank you thank you thank you Iowa Geek! I can’t wait to play with all the new goodies!

Check out Iowa Geek to hear about her families travels in Ireland! She has some great pictures up already.

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