My kids love games! Absolutely love them. Hubby and I are major fans, but the kids would play morning noon and night. It is great that they are open to many new games, and love playing card games as well (more on that at a later time).

However, we got Boo a game that I love. It is a learning game, and can be used until she is much older. I am sure that Hunter will love the older side as well.

Boo got Scrabble Jr. for a belated birthday present. It was on sale at Target, and I couldn’t resist. She walks around spelling all the time, even sounding out the words as she goes. I figured this would be a great game for her to learn even more words, and expand her vocabulary.

The instructions are easy to understand, the pieces easy to handle and the fun factor is huge! We laugh and tease each other non-stop when we are playing this game, and that is not always an easy thing to do.

There are two levels to this game. One side of the board has words on it, and you have to spell out the words with your chips. To get the point for the word you must be the one to place the last needed letter. You must spell the word in order, and can not skip letters. There are words that start with a middle letter, and you can start those words even though they are in the middle, that can be somewhat confusing for little ones, but easily explained. You win if you have the most point tokens when all the letters are on the board. Boo has beat me every time we play.

The second side of the board is a plain board with no words pre-printed on it. It is perfect for kids Hunter’s age, and could work for Boo’s age as well. You get a point for every letter you put down, and the person with the most points wins. Simple, like regular Scrabble.

Now this is one learning game that I can honestly say works great for my kids. Boo is already learning some of the words, from the pictures and the spelling out. It is great that are still games out there that will teach them something and be fun at the same time.

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