Happy Birthday!!

As the birthday excitement is finally wearing down, and the kids are starting to get back to normal, I figured it was time to share some fun stuff from this past weekend.

My mom and I made the cakes this year. Normally the kids do it, but since it was Hunter’s golden birthday I wanted to do it. Boo was upset, but she got over it when she saw her cake. Now, keep in mind that I am not the world’s greatest baker, I leave that to my sister. But, I can make a cake from a box, and make it look somewhat pretty.

With that said, I did set my sights somewhat high this year.

Hunter loves football…well any sport really. But, football was the easiest one to transpose into a cake, since the Super Bowl was just the week before. He got a fabulous football field with goalposts and everything. We used Rolo’s for the goal-posts and licorice for the up-rights (look honey I used the right words!! Woohoo!!) It was the red guys against the yellow guys, with HUGS for refs. In the slap happy end of this cake, I made the red gummy bear lay down, faking a quarterback injury…(cough cough… Daunte…cough cough). And when I stood him up he had a green bottom (click the picture to see), so it reminded me of a another quarterback in the Super Bowl (cough cough…Brady…cough cough). I giggled on that one for a while. The cake turned out really good, and Hunter was a little impressed…just a little though.

Boo’s cake on the other hand was a fun one, just a little harder.

Boo loves loves LOVES Legos. She got a great house set for Christmas, and another set from my mom for her birthday. She would build all night long, and never stop if we didn’t make her. Hunter…not a fan. Boo now has all his Legos since he NEVER played with them. Not a big deal, since she is so happy with them.

So, for her birthday I found directions to make Lego Block cakes. I was so excited I did a little dance. All it took was a 9×13 cake cut into 4 segments. The tricky part is frosting the cut parts, not an easy task. But, we muddled through. For the connecter parts we used marshmallows cut in half. You frost them while they are on a toothpick and then place them. It turned out GREAT! Boo did a little squeal (which is always a good sign) and was very excited.

Both cakes turned out great for the birthdays, and I even got some compliments (which is always nice when you have failed in cakes before).

Do you make character cakes for your kids?

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