Report card time again

So last night I didn’t want to cook, which to Boo automatically means pizza. So pizza it was. Now I feel all blah.

But! On a happier note, Boo gets her first report card today!! She is so excited about it. They sent home this great little note yesterday, reminding parents that kids have different personalities at school, that not all kids are the same and to take a chill pill!

It cracked me up!

I guess her teacher had been hearing a lot about “Why isn’t Suzie doing this” and “Why does my child not do this like my other kid does”. Don’t’ compare kids! It doesn’t work. Boo and her cousin are one month apart, Boo being older. Dasha is in first grade, went to a charter school at the age of 4 for kindergarten, and is doing great in first grade this year! Boo spent the age of 4 in preschool, and is doing great in Kindergarten this year. They have different levels of knowledge, but are the same age. They still play together and get along wonderfully.

You can’t compare children to other children. They all learn on different levels, and hold that knowledge in different ways. Don’t stress out the child to live to your standards. They will learn, be patient and it will happen when it happens. You can’t even compare one child to their siblings. Boo and Hunter have completely different learning styles, and learning paces. While it is hard not to say “Look what Hunter did in Kindergarten, why can’t you do that” I have worked so hard not to do that to either of my kids. They are their own person, and great people at that!

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