owww owww owwww

I will be the first one to tell you that I am so very out of shape. I don’t do much besides walking, and that has been hindered in the past few weeks between work and sickness. That also doesn’t really do much on the arms and upper back area.

The point to all this honesty?

Boo had a birthday party to go to this past weekend. I went with since I am pretty close with the mom of the little girl. It was a great time, and all the dance class girls were there. There was only one small problem…it was at a roller rink.

Oh my goodness…

Boo has never skated in her LIFE, and I haven’t since I was 16 or so, 12 years ago. Since Boo hadn’t skated before, who do you think had to throw on some skates and go around and around and around with her? You would be right…Mommy.

I will say that I have never laughed so much in my entire life. Boo did fall…a lot. But she got better, and I am very proud of her. After the first hour of non-stop falling she would make it almost all the way around without a fall. She was frustrated at first, but then would laugh when she fell or started to lose her balance.

She even did a classic cartoon move. Think of when a cartoon tries to run really really fast from standing still. The way their legs move…got it in your head? Now put Boo’s body on it. It was Hilarious! She laughed too, so I wasn’t being a mean Mom.

I will even admit that I fell once, in order to not run over Boo…figured that was the best thing.

So, back to the out of shape part of the story…

Sunday I couldn’t hardly move my arms! After holding on to Boo, and using leg muscles that I haven’t used in a very long time I was sore! My back is a little sore from being tense holding her up and helping her get up off the floor. Hubby kept calling me the old lady, since every time I would get up off the couch I would moan in pain…

The left arm still hurts today, so good that I am left handed and I type all day long!

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