Oh Christmas Tree!!

Tonight we put up out Christmas Decorations. I always thinks I have so much, but I don’t really. Plus, there aren’t many places to put things. We do have fun with what we have though, and that is what really counts.

The kids did the Christmas tree like always. It is their tree, not mine. When we get a bigger tree I will have more control, but for now it is all theirs.

They each have special ornaments, as do I. Hunter has his ornament from 2001, when he was on his Tigger kick. He loved that hoppy thing.
Boo has her first Christmas ornament that she still loves to sit and look at.
I have an ornament from a Great Aunt that I have had for almost 15 years. I love this ornament. It is simple and inexpensive, but sometimes they are the best ones.
We also have Hubby’s Santa Vikings Fan that he got our first Christmas together. It cracks me up every time we pull it out.
There are the snow ball heads that I got from my mother in law last year. They are Home Interior, and I love them!
Lastly we have our first ever family ornament. Since Hunter was on a Tigger kick when Hubby and I first moved in together, of course it is Disney.
The kids did a great job on putting up the tree and putting everything in it’s own place. They are always so proud.
After they went to bed I got to have the fun of putting the rest of the decorations up. I had my Reindeer that sings “Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer” and I love it!
And I have a skating snow man display (also Home Interiors). The little snowman actually skates around when the lights are on. I love it!

Now we just have to wait for Boo to make her Christmas pictures and we will be all decorated.
Hope you all had a great weekend!
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