The Calm Before the Storm

Tomorrow is the Great Cookie Bake Off 2007 at Big Sis’ house. Boo is so very excited to decorate cookies, dip pretzels and get down and dirty. We are for sure making these, these and maybe these. These will wait until later in the month since they don’t seem to freeze as well as the others.
With the excitement of cookie baking, comes the worry of our first big snow fall of the season. (and if you look, notice how it is going to feel like 6 degrees all day long!!!) We live in Minnesota…snow happens…a lot. But it has been a couple years since we have had a major snow fall in the Twin Cities before Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait! Snuggle up in the house, make some chicken noodle soup and watch it fall.
But it happens to be coming on cookie baking day, and there are no excuses for missing cookie baking. So, tomorrow morning Boo and I will be picking up one of our family friends and heading off to bake the day away. Hopefully the snow will hold a little until after that.
We also have a birthday party for one of my besties little girls. I don’t want to miss that either, and neither does Boo since it is at her favorite place in the world!!
Please snow…wait until 6 to get really bad. PLEASE!!

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