Since I just hit my 200th post…

60 Things about me—

1- I am the middle of three kids. 2- I have three aunts that are nuns, including my Godmother. 3- I love being a step-mom, one of the two greatest gifts my husband ever gave me. 4- Being a mom to Boo is the other greatest gift. 5- Until recently, there was only one person I purposely talked to from high school, and she is the greatest friend you could ever want. 6- I have recently been inclined to read more on abusive relationships, wanting to know more of the signs and what I can do. I never want to miss something again. 7- I had a cat for almost 16 years, and I still see her when I get up in the morning. I miss her. 8- My children have had loss this year, and have grown so much from it. 9- I never thought I would fish, but now can’t wait to go out with my husband and kids. I even bait and take fish off my own hook. 10- My sister is my best friend. I can’t imagine what things would be like without her.11- I love watching Boo go through the days of dance, but don’t wish the competitions on her at all. 12- I have broken both of my thumbs, my right one twice. 13- I broke my left thumb dancing 4 days before a major competition and then danced with my cast on. 14 – I have had 9 surgeries. Most recently my knee three years ago.15 – I am very clumsy, fall into cars and walk into things all the time (see 12 and 13). Wonder where Boo gets it… 16- Hearing the song “Regulator” makes me giggle and run to call my sister. We can still sing all the words. 17- My husband is the greatest father I have ever known. 18- I am a firm believer that duct tape or a hot glue gun can fix anything. 19- I could spend hours in a bookstore, and never run out of things to look at. I have passed that down to my kids. 20- I went to an Arts High School my Jr and Sr year. No it wasn’t like FAME at all. 21- I love frogs. They are just so cute, and remind me of a friend lost to liver failure. 22- I love going to the cabin and to Iowa, but can’t stand being further than 10 minutes from a store. 23- I met my husband in a bar formally called Rodeo. I watched him dance for a month before finally talking to him. 24- I can still watch my husband dance and everything else fades. 25- I couldn’t stand my sister growing up. It took her going to college to realize how fabulous she is. She is now my best friend. 26- Everytime I hear “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” by John Denver I have flash backs to horse camp. That song woke us up every morning. 27- I have been in love three times, head my heart broken twice and found my husband. Third times a charm! 28- I love to dance, and do regulary with my kids. 29- I took dance class for 17 years, danced at high school and participated in competitive dance. 30- I met one of my best friends in dance class when I was 14. 31- I go in spurts about what kind of music I want to listen too. There are times all I want is a little Bon Jovi or Poison 32- From the ages of 14-18 I went to 6 churches trying to find my place. After the last one, I stopped trying. Now we go when there are weddings, funerals or are in Iowa. 33- Hubby’s Grandma scares me, but I love her so much. 34 – I love Target. I could live in Target. Boo gets giddy when I talk about Target. 35 – Right now I have 6 blog posts working in my head, hopefully they will come out soon. 36 – When I get down, I sit and work on the family scrapbooks. It helps to remember all the happiness, then I am not down anymore. 37 – I wish I could make cards like others can. I do not have the patience to make everything just right.3 8 – I am a better mother when I go to work, and stay at home mom’s are my heros! I have a friend that is a stay at home mom, volunters in child’s class room once a week, while working with her other special needs child everyday at home. 39- I am so much more comfortable in track pants and a t-shirt than anything else. I don’t like wearing nice clothes to work, it is a pain to me. Give me a ponytail and comfy clothes, I am happy. 40- I am a major homebody! I love to sit at home, read, play with the kids and relax. It takes a lot for me to get up and go out with friends, as they will attest too. 41- I am a major slob. Growing up my room was always a mess, and now…at 28…it is still a mess. 42- My desk is the same way…all the time. 43- I love my family, even when they drive me nuts. Which does happen a lot, even as grown ups. 44- I have been prone to ear infections since I was 3 months old. I have had 8 sets of tubes, one as an adult. 45- I am not a religious person. I believe, but show in my own way. Faith is much different than religion. 46- I believe in ghost and spirits. Have experienced what I feel is them and it shook me to my core.47- I played Fastpitch softball growing up, and loved being on the pitcher’s mound, even though I was scared of the ball. 48- I had my nose and thumb broken playing softball, hense 47. 49- I choreographed my first and last dance piece at the age of 17. It still gives me goose bumps to see it now. 50- I do not get along with many women. I have always been more comfortable around guys. Being a tomboy growing up helped little I am sure. 51- I have seen Phantom of the Opera, A Chorus Line, Les Miserable,The Lion King and Rent on stage. I have cried through most of them, they are so amazing on stage. 52- I have to be in control. I have issues with not being in control of where things are going, and that can lead to problems. 53- I bowled on a league growing up, until I was 19. 54- I won a $500 scholarship when I 12 for bowling. My coach is now Boo and Hunter’s coach at the same bowling alley. 55- I am left handed, along with my mom. I hope Boo would be too…no luck. 56- I hate doing the dishes. I would rather let them sit. 57- I love NASCAR. It is a new addiction. 58- My summer is best when Viking’s training camp starts. 59- I jump for joy whenever Boo stands up for herself. She is so strong. 60- I have nothing else…my brain is gone. All you get is 60.

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