One more reason to love Target!

I make it no secret that I LOVE Target. Love it, as in could spend all day there, move in and make it my home. Love Target.

Most people register at Target when they get married or have baby. Well, you can now register for your wish list! I was looking around on the Target site and saw “Target Lists”, and was amazed. You can add anything online or in the store. You can go around with the little radar thing and scan things into your wish list, for you or your kids. You can search by the childs name, or the parents name, and print it both in the store and at home. We just got back from Target, and it worked great. It shows everything on the list, and if you can get it online only, at the store or both.

I started Christmas lists for my kids since there are so many family memeber asking me what the kids want for Christmas, now I can send them to Target and they can get the list there. It is such a great idea, and I am so excited to test it out this holiday season!

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