Bathroom in need of help!!! UPDATED

Since we were having people over this past weekend, I needed to REALLY clean my house. Things were all over the place, and not a pretty site at all. My downstairs bathroom is very VERY boring, so I needed to add some color. I mounted two frog and two fish cut outs above the mirror, below the lights. They are really cute, and I have had them since Andi and I had gone to Micheal’s last.

I then dug out my lone white unscented candle and my beads and went to town. Taking some stick pins, beads and a candle I made a great display candle. It is Andi’s idea from her craft blog, a great project for gifts. It looks great, even not done. I really needed the color in the bathroom.

Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to find some colorful fun pictures to mount and hang. Maybe more frogs and fishes…maybe more animals.

And speaking of Andi…she gave me the best purse ever!! I will take a picture and add it tonight. Nice and big, and my favorite color!! She is fabulous!

Andi…we need to go to Micheal’s!!!

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